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May 24, 2020
I'm trying to do un upgrade to my headphones and mic. I would buy a headphone that costs around 100 euro, I found on the beyerdynamic dt770 pro, dt990 pro and dt 880 all going around 100 and 120 euro. I will use them mostly for videogames. I also need a separated microphone, that doesn't cost a lot. My question is: Do you suggest me to buy directly a headset (mic built in) or as I wrote previosly? Can I stay in the 150 euro price range with both mic and hphones? Do I need an Amp? I have 0 knowledge about audio, I barely know what is an amp. What do you suggest me for a 150 price range? thank you


You have more flexibility with what you pick if you get a separate mic and headphones. Keep in mind that depending on the headphones you may need to get a headphone amp to drive them. A rule of thumb if the headphones are over 150 ohm mark then you would want to look at a headphone amp to use with them, or just go for an external DAC/AMP.

The Beyerdynamics come in various ohm ratings, the lower ones are fine to use without an amp.

Another option is Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

What you are looking at for the Beyerdynamic sets are all good quality. Probably the best cheaper stand-alone mic is the Blue Snowball.

If you want a headset with a mic and good audio the Sennheiser Game One is a good one to try.
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