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For Sale: Fort Collins (Colorado) Home with Studio

This home could be perfect for the musical family or musician with
(o) 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, very nice home, approximately 2400 sq ft.
(o) Large yard, trees, established neighborhood, close to all sorts of
shopping as well as a public library and many other things.
(o) Small recording studio in basement is specially constructed to
reduce sound transmission through the walls while sounding good
(o) Medium-sized isolation booth has double-pane window to main
(control) studio room.
(o) A telecom closet is wired to house a Digital Audio Workstation and
keep its fan noise out of the studio.

For the standard real-estate details, please visit
remember to look at the pictures posted there. Notice that the house
ready for you to move in!

Missing from standard real-estate listings, however, are the details
the studio (no audio or recording equipment included):
(o) Main studio is intended to also act as control room,
(o) Isolation booth is large enough to house a small trap (drum) kit
(though drums generally do not sound their best in a small room, so
the room is best used for vocal isolation or loud amplifiers).
(o) Closet is designed to act as center of star-configuration for
basement media wiring (CAT-5 and RG-6) and also to house a DAW and
potentially playback amps (if you desire).
(o) Walls are offset to be non-parallel to prevent unpleasant echo
effects inside (add a bass trap or two, well-placed diffusion, and
this room sounds really good; ready to record!)
(o) Walls are constructed using stagger-studded metal frame with
insulation, double-drywall on "outer" surface (except for two walls
against concrete foundation wall) and drywall-on-resilient-channel
on "inner" surface, with sound-board extending up through ceiling
joists and caulking sealing any uninsulated joints.
(o) Ceilings are special acoustic tile suspended beneath heavy
insulation between joists.
(o) Extensive wiring allows you to put your recording equipment to use
right away:
(+) 8 channel snakes (ProCo) connect main to closet (2x, send and
fully terminated with connectors), main to iso booth (combo TRS/XLR
breakout box in booth), and main to ceiling (never used, 4 channels
connect to living room on ground floor!).
(+) Heavy gauge OFC speaker wire connects closet to iso booth
(both wall
and ceiling pairs) and closet to main (wall), plus more!
(+) Additional CAT-5 wiring supplied for use with intercom and/or
recording light outside main door.
(+) RG-6 (coax) to main room wall (with false window) and extra
wiring allow studio to be used as a home theater, if desired.
(o) Basement location keeps everything cool in summer, while electric
baseboard heat can keep it cozy in winter, all without use of any
HVAC ductwork, which would have voided the sound-proofing efforts

Though not perfectly sound-proof, this studio provides the musician of
family a chance to practice at night without disturbing the rest of the
family, even if you never fully utilize the rooms as a recording
If you are looking to buy a fully functional, commercial, recording
this isn't it. But if you could make use of a small project/basement
studio and don't want to
have to build the rooms yourself, then you should check this out! This
already a very nice 5 bedroom house, and with the very-hard-to-find
already built, it's a tremendous catch! Better hurry!

Use the contact information on the standard real-estate listing to set
your own showing today!

Thanks for your interest,
Keith W Blackwell
(the owner, who just moved to Windsor)


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> For Sale: Fort Collins (Colorado) Home with Studio

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Keith W Blackwell
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