Galaxy S2 wont charge or turn on normally


Mar 31, 2016
Hey guys i got a really big and complicated problem. I have gt-i9100G, and couple of months ago, my charging port broke, so i ordered a new one. Since it laste over a month to get shipped to my country i find a soultion to charge my phone by cutting off my charger and put red and black wire between my batter and phone pins. It lasted for long and charged it. Now when my new charging port arrived i changed it, and now my phone wont charge or turn on. My phone wont turn on except i put that wires and make contact. But still when and when i inesert usb to charge it it shows me its charging, but its not charging, just fake charging. Also my "battery option" from settings dissapeard. So is it software problem, or i need to get a new battery, or i ****ed up my phone with that wire charging. If anyone can help me i would appreciate it..
When i charge and turn on phone by putting red and black wires between phone and battery, and turn it off, than off, this is what i get(Attention: It's not my phone on the picture, i found it on internet, but i get the same problem)

Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance