Gaming laptop help Alienware 2015 and ASUS G751 ( battery life )


Jan 23, 2015

I'm thinking of buying a gaming laptop at the end of this month, and i desperatly need your help on which laptop i should get.

My choices are :

Alienware 15 ( 2015 version )

Alienware 17 ( 2015 version )


or any other laptop that you can advice me to get and meet my requirements .

My budget is around 1700 € and i live in France.

I'm looking for a good performance for demanding games, silent cooling, slick design, and what's really important to me since i'm intending to use it for my studies is a good battery life like around 4-5 hours at least while web browsing wifi On .

Dell's website says that you can get 7 hours battery life while nothing turned on like wifi off and min brightness, do you think i can get 5 hours or so while web browsing ?

I'm really liking the alienware 15 i can ugrade it to the same specs to that of the alienware 17 basic version, and i have a LED display so the 15" screen dosent bother me, and it's lighter, and i'm thinking since it's a 15 incher laptop with the same battery i can get probably more battery life ? i can't seem to find any reviews of this new version of alienware so i can't really tell.

Thank you for your help.


Jan 21, 2015
my dilemma is the same as yours. and my choices are similar. Although in my country, the alienware 15 is the optimal choice. The msi ge62 is also quite good but no one mentioned it yet.

I can also tell you that the asus has optimus disabled so it has poor battery life.

Not sure about alienware 17 but did not consider it due to price