Gaming Laptop Jerks while gaming/typing/video


Nov 10, 2012
Hi there.

I have an issue with my ASUS G73Sw Gaming notebook, its been happening for a while now, approx 6 or so months.
At first i thought it was just windows media player but then i noticed certain games started to sporadically jerk, freezing somewhat but i could still move the mouse or the background depending on what game it was, my web browsers would do the same, media player(s) Office programs almost anything. I check Tast Manager to see if i can spot a task porking all the cpu's, dont find anything, have the latest kaspersky pure 2.0 2012 i dont find any virus's. Ive read some people have fixed similar issues with bios updates but the threads were dated 2002 so im not sure if that would be wise for me to try... BIOS being risky and all...
My sepcifications can be found here :

its the i7, 8gb, Nv GTX460m, Win7 Ulti- all original and legal.
No solidstate drives but i doubt thats the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated....