Gateway laptop randomly shuts off when not connecte to cable (could be a soon as cable is out or 30 min later)


Nov 11, 2015
Its an old Gateway NV 52 series laptop . It shows the battery fully charged and then it shows the battery draining when its not connected to the power cord. Te problem its its just turns off randomly , it could right after i take out the cord or minutes later, it doesn't go tough the window shut down it just turns off. I can then press the power button and it will turn on even if the power cord is not in.
its a second hand laptop and i've been told the power cord has been replaced, and maybe te battery (but they cant be sure it was for this laptop or another).

Thank you for your help

Do try and observe the laptop without the battery connected and with just the AC adapter plugged in. If doesn't shut down or do anything out of the ordinary that means it's a bad battery. Next is to test your AC adapter if it's supplying enough voltage to power the laptop or charge it. Lastly is to try another AC adapter and see if it would charge the battery properly that it will not shut down with it not connected.