Question Lenovo Ideapad 510s Laptop Randomly Shuts Down Around 30-40%

Dec 28, 2020
Hi there,

I have this Lenovo Ideapad 510s that I got in September 2016.
It has been working pretty well up until few months ago where it would randomly shuts down when the battery percentage is around 20-30% (sometimes with up to 50ish minutes remaining), and it's not overheating. This doesn't happen all the time, mostly when I have several apps in use (browser, spotify, and sometimes video/audio editing software). It won't turn back on unless I plug the charger in.

I tried contacting Lenovo and Windows support, they checked my BIOS, Windows version, etc., and they told me that everything seems find on that side.
Lenovo recommended resetting my laptop, in which I did, but nothing changes.
I visited a local tech service center and they didn't do much, other than pointed out that my battery health is apparently around 50%, and to check the remaining time shown on the battery icon every time I use my laptop.

I'm wondering if it's a battery problem and I would need to change it, or is it something else that anyone can help me pinpoint it to?

PS - I don't know if it's related in any ways, but I was living overseas for a year and a half, and this started happening when I got back to my home country. Could it be the different power or something like that? However, I got this laptop from my home country and have been using it here for the first 2 years with no problem at all.

Thank you in advance!
Have a great day/afternoon/evening!
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