Getting 4 speakers to all play (only the front two output audio).


Jun 12, 2017
Hello! Recently I purchased and setup 4 JBL LSR308's

Currently, if I play music I will only be able to hear 2 of my 4 speakers play (the front two) Is there a way to get all 4 speakers to play no matter what media I'm using? I assume there is a software or something out there for this.

I'm running my speakers on my soundcard in my X99 MSI GODLIKE GAMING CARBON motherboard.

To be clear, all the speakers do work and are recognized in the system, the system just won't use them all.


This depends on what you are playing and how the ports are configured. If they are setup as surround sound, stereo will only play from the front two. See if you can setup all 4 as left/right speakers. You can also use a splitter.
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