Ghost multitask button. (Galaxy S7 Edge)


May 23, 2016
So, I have a Galaxy S7 edge and I absolutely love the phone.

But, my only issue since I got the phone when it came out, is that no matter what I am doing the phone randomly ghost key the multitask button several times in a row or just once randomly.

I have restarted my phone several times. Still it will randomly do it.

Sometimes I just expect it and I just wait for it to finish and continue on my way.

Sometimes it will be laying on my desk and I won't be touching the phone and it will just buzz as if I got a notification but with a little extra buzzing and I check my phone and there are no notifications, so I no its the ghost key. This has happened when the phone's display was on so I could see the multitask screen weird out.

Does anyone have any clues as to why it is doing this or what I should do to fix it?
If your phone is under warranty still, then you should be taking it back to them. That sounds like a flaw that they should either resolve, or replace your phone.