Girlfriend's laptop got fried need advice


Nov 13, 2006
So i will give you the low down really quick on what happened. My girlfriend had her laptop sitting on the coffee table and her roommate spilt hot tea on the table which in turn got into the side of the comp (i wasnt there this is hearsay so far). They then tried to turn the computer on, it got to the splash screen flickered then showed the desktop then restarted and did this a few times then it put it self into hibernate mode. I know a pretty good deal about computers so im going to her house today to take a look at it and save the data on the hard drive. But if the motherboard is indeed fried her dad told me that i could pick her out a new one. I am pretty sure his budget is under $1,000 probably more like $800. If this was picking out or building a pc it would be no problem but i have never owned a laptop and i dont do much research on them. So i was wondering if people here could give me some options. I already know he doesnt want another Dell so thats out, but anything else would do. The only website (besides actual manufactures) that i use to buy comp stuff is newegg, so links would be great thanks alot! Oh and the laptop is an older inspiron (girlfriend doesnt know the model number :fou: )