Good camera for both movies/video and stills?


Nov 8, 2011
I have an 800$ budget and I want to make hobby but hi-quality movies and also shoot good stills. I do not want a camcorder because I heard the affordable ones are terrible quality and that a digital camera and their big lenses makes for a pleasing narrow depth of field for a film look, plus they do stills too. The idea of interchangeable lenses appeals to me. So I want to know which is better, a DSLR, a MILC, or a Sony SLT.

From my reading: DSLR - read that it produces an effect where if someone moves, it goes from sharp to blurry then sharp again, or is that MILC? That seems bad. also may have poor audio, and operating the camera introduces noise. but it is better for sports and BIF birds in flight stills which has less priority for me, but I wouldn't mind if my camera had that capability.

MILC - is small and lighter. don't know if I should go for a micro four thirds models, are any support full lens? I want good availibility of lenses to buy later that are affordable. I heard MILCS are much better for video than DSLRS, you can shoot for a long time on MILC and only for minutes in DSLR, is that true? how do MILCs compare to camcorders? Can you fix these on pods.

SLT - I don't know how good these are for video or stills, but someone recommended one to me. ARe there any advantages to these?

Since I'm a beginner, I'm not seeking to do everything, immediately. So I think I don't want to heavily accesorize, I want to start with a camera body and one lens, which will keep me busy shooting stills and small videos and figuring out my camera for some time, until I'm ready to move to different lenses. But, of course, I want my camera to have these capabilities so I can do all this. I know my budget is low, but I can't really afford too much.
Any advice what to buy and which models to look at?
I want hi-quality video, but with very hi-quality stills too.

Edit: I forgot to mention, I'm located in India if that makes a difference as to which camera models are available. I've heard that if I'm supposed to be serious about filmmaking, I need a data rate of 70mbps, so I'm hoping I can get a camera which supports it.



It's good that you did your homework well! I shall post a US link for you to consider.

This will serve your needs well. A sturdy tripod will come in handy.

When you enter into the realm of digital pro or semi-pro photography you need to decide on the system manufacturer first. Once that is decided you can start out with a good rugged system and as time and your skills progress you can add to the system as needed. This is why I suggest Nikon. Good luck!
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