Good dac/amp or sound card for headphones?


Aug 22, 2014
Hello, I am looking for a good dac/amp or sound card that will give me good audio. I am using the superlux hd681 evo's with a modmic. I have looked at the fiio e10k, the s.m.s.l m2 and the asus xonar dgx. I have been leaning towards the asus xonar dgx because it gives good positional audio but if anyone has better suggestions then please tell me. Thanks
since you have the 681's you may want to read

what amp you get depends on if you need it to be mobile or not. if you want mobile then the fiio e10k (amp+dac) or e11 (amp only) are good. if you do not require portable and if it is for pc only (or if you need virtual surround) then the xonar dg (or dgx if you wanted it pci-e) will work. its a low end soundcard but respectable with a strong amp. the creative Z is a better soundcard and of more comparable price to the amps you're looking at.
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