Good Phone system for small business


Mar 9, 2017
Hello Guys!

I'm new here.
Couple words about my business: I have a small company and we have medium amount of phone calls every day.
I was wondering if you have any suggestions, where to find best company that will provide me with good phone system. Heard a lot about PBX and think that it can be good for us. I just need an ability to create different departments, extensions and send phone calls to my desktop voip devices.
One more important thing is that we do not need expensive services.

Any ideas in regards to this question?

Thanks in advance
If you are not computer savvy (and you should not, you have business to run) - find local company which specializes in voice-over-IP services. Then, you look at two possible solutions:
- "hosted" - your PABX (a computer running special software) is somewhere "in the cloud"
- "at premises" - your PABX is a computer (or ready-made device) which you keep at your office
In both cases you get VOIP or soft-phones, configure them to connect to your PABX - and voila, you're almost done.

Each solutions has pros and cons. Depending on how much you want to be involved in that, choose one or the other.