Graphics card not working in BF4 , written wrong on device manager .


Dec 18, 2015
Some months ago I had a problem after trying to upgrade my AMD 7650m VGA where the graphics card wasn`t detected at all ( the intel one was fine ) after the driver update .
After trying to fix the problem with failure I hired an IT specialist to reinstall a fresh version of windows with correct drivers ( I ruined allot of stuff so I wanted a fresh version ) .
Everything was working fine until recently when I wanted to play battlefield 4 ( Haven`t played it since the first problem ) and when I set it to high performance ( to use the AMD ) it crashes , while trying to fix the problem I checked the device manager and I discovered that its written as ( AMD radeon HD 7500M/7600M series ) instead of ( AMD radeon HD 7650M ) I tried searching for such problems but I couldn`t find any every other game works at high performance though .
I don`t want to uninstall and install the AMD drivers all over because I don`t want to ruin things again , but if its the only solution then I would do it .
( BTW battlefield 4 works on intel VGA fine and the OS is windows 7)
Thanks in advance .

I would suggest doing a clean install of the AMD graphics card driver. It's more likely a driver problem that causes it to crash.

Here's a detailed guide on how you can do this on your own. :)

Make sure to reboot your laptop once the latest driver has been installed for all the changes to take effect. Set it to Maximum Performance as well so your games will play using the AMD processor.


Dec 18, 2015
For one complete day I have been searching for the driver for 7650M on AMD website but I couldn`t find it ( maybe because I am idiot ) , can I use the auto-detect tool instead while following the guide ?
According to this page , 7600m is not supported by crimson ( .
And according to this page , the last driver for legacy graphics doesn`t support 7600m series ( or .
note : the auto detect tool says that the VGA is Radeon HD 7500m/7600m series not 7650m , is this normal ?
EDIT : the auto detect is not working , it says download complete without downloading anything and at AMD download page I cant find something appropriate for my graphics card and I cant download the legacy driver 15.7.1 because I cant find a download link .... I really really need help .


Dec 18, 2015
I tried doing the clean install but after using DDU I ran the AMD driver installer for my card and while it was installing it gave me the blue screen of death :( .
After that I tried without DDU to use the AMD clean up utility and then installing the driver and it became just like the beginning , its written wrong on the device manager and the game still crashes .
Here is a picture of the error in case it helps :
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