GTX 970M able to run 27 inch external monitor?


Mar 27, 2016
Hey fellas, i have been thinking getting a external 27'' IPS screen to replace my laptop screen as the monitor.My laptop is a MSI GS70 Stealth Pro: with a GTX 970M video card.

My question is: should i buy a 2k resolution or 1080p if my main purpose is to play video game like World of Warcraft and watch movie occasionally. I have been search for monitors and found the following ones appealing to me, i appreciate if you can gime some suggestions. My budget is $150-$300

AOC 2757fh IPS 1080p:
ASUS MX279H IPS 1080p:

No sure if i should consider QNIX 2710 which has a 2K resolution with a cheap price. Not sure if it has power adapter issue since it is a Korean monitor.

If you think 2K resolution is a better option, could you recommend me some options with reasonable price even if it exceed my budget a little bit.

Go 2k for sure. 1080P at 27 inch is too big for that resolution, if you have good eyes, there won't be that crispness you'll find with 2k.