Jan 22, 2015
Dear community,

As the time flies, I am finally facing college. During my high school years I was saving money for a decent notebook. My requirements are the following: it must have a Skylake i7 CPU and a GTX 980m. I found several of them in my country but I also realised that the new GTX 10XX series are coming out and there are not so many differences in the prices.

So my question is: is it worth going with the 1060 over the 980m(8gb) even though the notebook with the 1060 does not have IPS and matte display?

The 980m notebook is an Asus G752VY and the 1060 can be found in an MSI GT62VR.

I am looking for a reliable machine for the next 3 years.

Looking forward for your answers! Thank you!

P.S: Sorry for grammar mistakes.