Half Broken Drivers for headphones


Mar 22, 2014
I have recently purchased a new Corsair wireless headset (Corsair Void Rgb Wireless) and are having troubles with it. After plugging the headset in for the first time, the drivers were installed as they were supposed to be. However, they were not fully installed. I can hear audio on my computer through the headphones and the microphone works as well. (i can record audio on the computer) However, over the speaker in the bottom left of my computer theres a red X and the computer can not see my device (even under disabled and disconnected devices) the only recognition i have seen is in my steam settings it recognizes the headset as "{}.{7e8a2fda-1bc7"
I have uninstalled the drivers completely off of my computer and reinstalled them yet the problem still stands? Any would would be greatly appreciated,
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