Handbrake Queue Limit CPU Affinity


Dec 20, 2014
I've been setting up some videos to compress in a queue using Handbrake and it's all fine, but for certain reasons I'd like to be able to limit the process to specific threads.

Now I know I can go through the task manager and right-click on the process to Set Affinity (which I've been doing so far), but I'd like to have this done automatically. The problem is every time Handbrake finishes a task in the queue, it apparently re-launches the HandbrakeCLI.exe to start the next task, so it resets my cpu affinity that I set for the previous process/task. A look around google only suggests using the task manager solution to set the cpu affinity, or making a shortcut for the program and specifying the affinity there, which I can't do because Handbrake is launching the HandbrakeCLI.exe process directly. I do see the priority level in the Handbrake options, but that doesn't look like it gives me the control I'm looking for.

So my question is: Does anyone have a reliable way to automatically make sure a certain .exe only uses specified cpu threads each time it's launched?

Using Windows 7 btw



Apr 17, 2006
There was a time I wanted a program to do the same, found one that supposedly did what you want, however it needed the installation of Windows Power User? something that while it is from microsoft I didn't want to install it, so finally never used it, but if you google around you should be able to find it.