hdmi splitter audio problems


Dec 30, 2014
I am running my cable box hdmi to an hdmi splitter to two tvs I am getting the video but no audio. what could be wrong? what other equipment can I use?
Make sure you get audio if you connect the cable box without the splitter on each TV. If you disconnect one of the outputs of the splitter does the audio come on in the other TV?
The splitter may not be able to "decide" where to send the audio. A better splitter may be the answer.


Feb 17, 2015
Using a HDMI splitter to feed one HD TV and a Magewell HDMI to USB capture dongle
I was only able to capture video and only once
I'd been able to record audio too.

After checking all my connected devices I found the one who
actually was causing the audio loss.
Here is my setup:
Satellite receiver HDMI out to 1x2 HDMI splitter input,
HDMI splitter output#1 ---> Sony Bravia HD TV HDMI input (video + audio received)
HDMI splitter output#2 ---> Magewell HDMI input (video BUT NO AUDIO)
The splitter was removing the audio from the stream to the dongle !!!!

To get rid of that problem here what I found:
-Shut the TV off,
-Disconnect AC power of the HDMI splitter
-Prepare the PC with the Magewell dongle connected and ready,
-Connect all the 3 HDMI wires to the splitter,
-Connect the AC power to the splitter
(The HDMI connection to the dongle is properly done with video + audio)
-Then power up the HD TV set
(The HDMI connection to the TV is also properly done with video + audio)
(and the dongle is still receiving video + audio !)
It seams the satelite receiver is giving privilege to the HD TV
when two devices are alive on the splitter at the same startup time,
and then doesn't care about the splitter's second HDMI output
which actually (in my case) goes to the Magewell dongle.
In fact the audio gets intermittent or there is no signal at all
on the dongle doing so.

So now I'm back on my feet and receive video + audio
on the Magewell dongle. Good.

Conclusion, the order of powering up HDMI devices in a setup seems
to determine what will work or not..
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