HDMI Splitter with AV Receiver


Aug 15, 2016

I have a Tivo, Roku, and Blu-Ray player all connected to my Onkyo TX-NR545 (HDCP 2.2) receiver with hdmi cables. Then I have a hdmi cable going out of the receiver to a hdcp 2.2 4k tv.

I want to split the signal coming out of the receiver and send it to the 4k tv that's already hooked up and also to a 1080p non hdcp 2.2 tv (samsung 40j6200).

Will I have any problems with copy protection (hdcp 2.2) now or in the future if I upgrade to a 4k Blu-Ray player? From some research it sounds like I can't have my second 1080p tv on if I want to watch 4k content, but that's not a problem at all. I'm looking into this Sewell 4k hdcp 2.2 hdmi splitter. Does anyone have any experience with Sewell Direct? I can get that splitter for $70 and another $7 to extend the warranty from 1 to 3 years. There aren't any reviews yet as it seems it just go released. On amazon it shows that it was just posted 7 days ago.

Any recommendations on a splitter? I will have all my sources plugged into my receiver, then a 10 foot hdmi cord going to the splitter, then the hdmi outs from the splitter will be 10 feet and 50 feet. Any recommendations on hdmi cords for that 50 foot distance?

If I get that Sewell splitter I linked to above, will I be able to get 5.1 Surround if I have both tv's running?

Thanks a bunch for any help