Headphone-Jack is faulty


Aug 10, 2015
Hi, recently (About two weeks ago) I woke up and turned on my laptop, everything was normal, working perfectly fine but then I plugged in my headphones only to then realize that only one side is working on the headphones(I use earbuds and only the right side is working at the moment).

I was confused so I just decided to go out and buy another pair of headphones, this time I bought the headphones from another company as I thought the pair I was using before was just faulty. I come home, plug the headphones in and it still isn't working. I then plug both of my headphones into my phone and I played music, the headphones weren't broken.

I was so confused so I searched on some forums and bought a Headphone-Jack that's USB.
It took a week or two to come and I near recently got it in the mail, it worked decently and now that's not working (It's cheap so it's really touchy feely if you understand). And now I'm on this Forum, trying to figure out a fix for this annoying problem(As I like being able to hear out of both sides of the headphones).

I've done everything I've searched up, such as making sure that both sides (Left and right) of my headphones were a decent volume in the settings, it worked good.

So playing around with the settings earlier, I found that my right side(The side that's working) is taking in my lefts sound, as I did a volume test when it played the noise for the right, I could hear it, when it played the noise in the left side, I could hear it in the right.

Could someone please help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated as this laptop is not old what so ever, fairly new if you ask me.

I have a ASUS Notebook X551M
You tried a bunch of stuff except the one that is likely to fix the issue, which is having someone replace the headphone jack or at least open it and check the connections. Or you can get a better quality USB sound card and use that.