Headphones microphone problems


Apr 17, 2015
Hello, a few months ago I acquired a pair of headphones (I've posted here before , the answer didn't help) Zalman ZM-HPS200. I know they're cheap and all that , but the problem is that on my PC, the microphone doesn't work. I tested it on an old laptop which was lying around , and the microphone worked flawlessly. Both on Windows 7 x32 and Windows 10 x32. Yesterday I tried fixing this problem again , and I played with the microphone sound settings in control panel. I increased microphone boost to +30 dB and the microphone volume was at 100. That was the only way I could hear myself. The problem was , that increasing the mic. boost at +30 dB, resulted in huge and annoying background noise , and by turning it down to 20,10 or 0 , I wouldn't hear myself at all.
I also tried the line-in jack , same story , couldn't hear myself. I don't know what the problem could be, and why it worked flawlessly on the laptop and appalling on the PC.


May 9, 2016
I believe your PC for some reason isn't powering the mic port like it should so you might need to get a power amplifier, sound card, or you can fiddle with the wires connected to the port to see if it will work again.