Headset works fine on phone but audio only in one ear on PC


Jun 19, 2016
I recently bought a Hyper X Cloud Core headset after the right side of my Kraken Pros stopped working. As soon as I opened the box in the car I plugged the Cloud Core headset into my phone and it sounded great. I just plugged them into my computer and sound is only coming through the left side just like the krakens. I checked the balance settings and they are set to the same volume. I also uninstalled Razer Surround and reinstalled it and uninstalled and reinstalled my NVIDIA drivers as well as the drivers for the headset. I can't get any sound at all if I plug the headset into the back audio outputs and at this point I have no clue what the problem could be. I know it is not hardware though because they work fine with my phone.

UPDATE: I just tried a pair of earbuds and only one side of those works as well. I don't remember having any of these problems until I downloaded Razer Surround. I hope this helps its driving me crazy!
Most probably your headphones have four-pin 3.5mm connector (one tip and three sleeves), meaning it has a microphone, too. Laptops accept three-pin connector (one tip, two sleeps), and you will need an adapter like this