Help - Connecting a Samsung TV to External Speakers


Jan 18, 2017
Hello everyone,

I have major troubles connecting my new Samsung UE40K5100 TV to my new Trust Tytan 2.1 Speaker set (powered on mains). Both devices are otherwise fully functioning.

This TV has only a Toslink audio output, so I bought a Toslink to female RCA converter, plugged on the power mains. I plugged a male RCA to Jack female cable to it. Finally, I plugged the male Jack of the speakers to the female Jack of the cable.

So after much research online I reckon the cables are correct.

Still, no sound at all when I turn the TV settings to "External Speakers".

All cables have been separately tested and work. It leaves me with two solutions:
- the TV audio output port is faulty (although there is light at the other end of the optical cable when plugged on TV, which means the TV gives out something)
- the Toslink to RCA converter is faulty


I did something wrong that maybe some of you can help me with ?

Much appreciated !


Feb 2, 2018
I have spent hours trying to get an answer. I have a hearing issue and wanted to use my headset (RCA connectors) while my wife listens to TV speaker. After a non response to an email to Samsung and 4 attempts at a chat with Samsung I finally got an answer: Either TV or External Speakers only. To connect external speakers requires an optical connection to an analog converter. Bought one from Amazon...Didn't work and the support site did not exist. Bought new converter from Best Buy which initially didn't work until reading the troubleshooting guide stated that the optical sound had to be set to PCM (found in expert settings). Everything works well. Conclusion: Not all converters are compatible. The downside is that I now have to add another remote to control the soundbar.


Feb 23, 2009

which convertor worked for you and how many channels you are getting via PCM if netflix is running with a 5.1 title?

also are you able to decode Dolby/DTS with your convertor?

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