Help connecting bose subwoofer to pioneer receiver


May 8, 2017

I am having a little issue here trying to connect my bose subwoofer to my pioneer receiver.
I have a pioneer rx v381 receiver
And the subwoofer is a part of the Bose cinemate 15 set (which includes a soudbar and acousticmass)

Here are the pictures of the rear of the woofer and receiver i was unable to get a clear shot right now so i just googled them.

The woofer/acousticmass has no cable besides the power that attaches to itself, the other cable is permanently attached to the soundbar (i dont know whats it called it looks like a computers monitor cable but there are 2 of them attached and cannot be seprated) so it cannot be removed any idea what sort of wire would i need?

Any help would be appreciated thankyou :)
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Well you are attempting to use a sub that's part of a set and a custom set at that, because no receiver use those DB9 connectors.

I wager Bose doesn't publish what these DB9 do and whoever done this would had reversed-engineer the thing, disassembled and analyzed the DB9 signals.

Good luck finding this person.


The ports (left male, right female) on the back of the woofer are RS-232 (aka DB9) ports.

RS-232 is/was normally used for serial communications but also for many other applications. Control, sensors, etc..

However on the woofer it may just be a physical port as a matter of convenience with neither the male port or the female port pinned out (soldered to internal components) without any true adherence or relevence to RS-232 wire and pin conventions. I.e., proprietary.

I found a photograph showing a duplex cable that implies the male port is a connection to the left speaker and the female port to the right speaker.

I believe your image shows the same; however, I cannot make out the white lettering well enough to be sure.

(However, another link indicated that one DB9 connection was the incoming signal and the other DB9 connection went out and split to L & R speakers.)

Google the following words: "bose acoustimass cable pinout RS232 diagrams" (without quotes).

And also "bose cinemate 15 woofer cable pinouts" which led me to the following page via fixya's website:

The plugs on the back of the woofer are DB9. In communications the plugs were standardized via RS-232 for serial communications use. However there were many applications that may or may not have adhered to RS-232 standards. Proprietary cables abounded.

Here is a linked image showing the cable ("thick double cable") that you seem to be missing:

So you will be working with two issues: 1) making the necessary physical connections between components based on the available input and output ports, and 2) making sure that the connection cables themselves are correctly pinned to make the necessary electrical connections between components.

There may or may not be adapters or cables available to do both., Then you will need to make you own cables.

Unfortunately Bose seems to have used quite a variety of ports/plugs, cables.

Sketch out a diagram of the required hookups. Then go online and look for the matching plug pinouts.

May take some time and effort but that is what will be needed to get everything connected and working properly.



May 8, 2017
I do have the db9 wires and all for my bose system, but i am unable to find a way to connect additional speakers to this system using a receiver,
My reciver has a single jack for this for the subwoofer but i cant find a wire that goes from db9 to that jack.
On the receiver jack where the woofer fits, audio video cable seems to for perfectly.

To make this clearer this is what im trying to do with the help of a receiver

But instead of 2 speakers i want to add 4 additional ones.
Will that setup specified above work?


From the link you provided:

"The Cinemate 15 is a Complete home theater product. This system is a closed-package product and no additional speakers can be added to it for surround sound."

Although it does appear that someone managed to add two speakers using optical cables and connections. However there is no way to know if that truly worked as expected or claimed.

And I would not expect that four speakers could be at all workable.

Sketch out and post before and after diagrams showing what you wish to do.

There are several Forum members with considerable audio knowledge and experience.

One of them may be able to offer additional comments and suggestions. Just in case I am missing something.
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