Help connecting headphones output with microphone input (Rode SC6)


Aug 21, 2015

I really hope you can help me with this as no one could answer it before.
I am using a Rode SC6 Dual TRRS ( and want to do connect my headphones output of my laptop with the microphone input of the Rode SC6 to directly get the sound from my laptop into my phone. I already bought this male to male 4 conductor but it doesn´t work (

Please can you help me what I can do to make this work?

Thanks a lot.


Aug 20, 2015
First why do you need the audio to come out your phone?(Might help me find a way to make it work) Second you could just try bluetoothing your phone you your laptop and then set the phone in the devices and printer window as the default audio device. I used to use this to make my stereo bluetooth.
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