HELP! I am so lost! I have Finals this weekend and my laptop just went black on me! Aspire V5-571 Touch Screen.


Sep 6, 2014
I am computer literate,but no computer genuis. I can't follow any of the instructions that require the start button because I can't see my screen. I need a solution I can use at start up and I am getting no help from Acer, please provide any suggestions that you can...Thanks


Jul 24, 2012
Does your computer boot/start up? Are any lights flashing? Can you hear the fans spinning if you get close? Perhaps your laptop still works perfectly fine, the only issue being that no display is being output; maybe your display has become defective. To put this theory to the test, could you try starting your laptop up but have it connect to an external monitor or TV? Your laptop has an external HDMI connector on the left hand side.

If that is not the case and your laptop does not boot at all, do you hear any beeps or noises at all? Do any of the lights turn on (e.g. battery charging etc.)? Also before this happened, were there any unusual behaviour; or did your laptop suddenly stop turning on one day? Were you using your laptop when the issue first occurred? If so, what where you doing at that time? Did you drop the laptop or anything else?

More details would be ideal, since the fault can lie anywhere. We need more details to diagnose it. Since your monitor is touchscreen, perhaps it's purely a display fault. So please try connecting it to an external monitor/TV first and let us know how that goes.

P.S. Is anything currently displayed on your screen, or is it completely blank/black?

Hope we can solve this issue for you soon, in the meanwhile, good luck with your finals! :)

All the best.


Dec 9, 2014
Have same issue with my Sony Vaio laptop. The first time it happened, I tried restarting it a few times but the screen was still totally dark while I could hear it running. And by the way, It also makes that noise like it's gonna blow which goes away with a touch of the enter button and then I deal with the display issue.Thankfully, someone posed a solution that helps me deal with the problem. After I power it on, the post suggests to close the screen for a few seconds. Then it's supposed to let the screen light up again but on mine, I have to press the power button for a few seconds and then it lights up. Let's hope you can use the same solution for your laptop.