Help me choose a new camera, hoping to take highspeed videos


May 17, 2013
I want to try taking slow-mo videos, so I'm looking into cameras with various fps settings like 240, 480 and up to 1000.

So far I have shortlisted Casio Exilim ZR1000 (or ZR1200, somehow they seem like they are the same, does anyone know the diff?) and Nikon 1 J3 (or the AW1 for its waterproof, but I'll have to up my budget).

Would like to know which is better for highspeed and for everyday use, and what other pros and cons do they have, eg. image quality, battery life. Good optical zoom is a plus too as I'll be filming live concerts from far sometimes. Would also be great if the camera has time-lapsed function.

My budget is $300-$500, the AW1 is way more ex, so wondering if it is worth the money. Overall, please help me choose between the few that I've listed or suggest a better model that will suit my needs best, thanks everyone!


If you are looking for a camcorder the Panasonic HC-V750 - $599.99 may be worth a look.
"Records Full-HD (1920 x 1080) at 120 fps.* And the Intelligent Frame Creation of the New Crystal Engine Pro+ interpolates to an equivalent of 240 fps,* for smooth slow motion. Switches to slow motion while you touch the icon on the LCD screen during shooting.
*For NTSC area:60/120/240fps"

With most cameras in that price range the higher the fps the lower the resolution. I will get back to you about the ones you listed after I do a little research on them.