How to make the background blurry in my videos and have the camera focus just on me??


Jan 30, 2016
You know in some Youtube videos Youtubers they have there backgrounds blurry and and focus(of the camera) is just on the Youtuber, not the background and i think it looks better and more professional in the video and more pleasing to the eye.

And i really would like to have that in my videos have the background blurred and have the camera focus just on me. :)

So does anyone know how to make the background blurry in videos and have the camera focus just on the person?? Does anyone do this? and Do only really expensive cameras like DSLRS only have this feature? Should I get a better video camera or a DSLR??

I use Panasonic HC-V550(a very good video camera) to flim my Youtube videos but i can't find the feature(not really sure it has the feature or not)..

You don't, and for the love of god do NOT try to do it in post processing, as it'll look like absolute crap!

Depth of field is a mathematical function dependent on the focal length, aperture, focus distance, and distance between focus and defocus. For your current camera, focal length and the focus/defocus distance can be changed, but aperture is likely already on the minimum. Try putting the camera closer to your face at the same focal length ("zoom" amount"), but if that doesn't work you'll need a new camera or longer distance to the back of your room.

If you want more professional video though, just get a backdrop instead, no sense in having a messy background blurred when you can just cover it up!


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Oct 4, 2013

I just took a look at the owner's manual online - Switch to Manual mode, then select IRIS and adjust it until the value is closer to F2.0. You should see the background blur more. You might also have to adjust the shutter speed so the image isn't overly bright.


Jul 31, 2014
First of all popatim basroil & mprospero, are all, right ? so please reread their posts carefully(might already find your answer there),

but your Camera Lens(controls your DOP) matters a lot as the Camera Focus depends on it, identify the subject that you don't want to blur & lock on that, after that try to set the focus manually until you get the desired result, it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Remember don't use auto focus always prefer manual focus, if you don't understand anything above shout back here, hope this helps you out.

All the best.