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  1. D

    Zenfone 5 camera problem

    I have an Asus Zenfone 5z I have the phone for about 1 month and everything was working perfectly until yesterday I was going to take some pictures and the camera wouldn't focus. Now it still doesn't focus if I press on the screen on the place I want to focus on. I tried bringing my hand closer...
  2. tyflikw

    Slow Autofocus Cannon T6i (video)

    I use an EOS Rebel T6i and Cannon lens EF-S 24mm f/2.8STM for daily vlogs. It does fine in good lighting, but anytime shadows enter the shot or it is dark the camera really struggles to grab and hold focus. I've tried auto focus on face tracking as well as just whole scene with little...
  3. 7

    Misubishi 52" Medallion TV

    Recently developed 2 horizontal lines, 1 white on top and 1 red/purple on the bottom both about 3 inches from screen edged. The picture is now oval shaped, but there is no distortion in the focus of the picture. Any ideas, (other than its an old TV). Thanks
  4. A

    Menu/Picture Preview NA

    I have a Canon Rebel XSI. It is from 2008. Original everything except lense. I cannot get the menu option to display in any mode, pushing the button does nothing. I cannot get any pictures I recently took to come up in the display, and again, pushing the button does nothing. I have...
  5. B

    Getting features by installing custom OS (Android)

    So, i've been thinking, if i install a custom os on my samsung galaxy a5 2016, like the s6 or s7 android, will i get all the camera features, like selective focus, manual focus and so on, im very keen on doing this but still want to ask some experts on their opinion
  6. G

    Solved! Autocus wont work after rotating focus ring while AF

    My sister was using my Nikon D3300 and "accidentally" rotated the focus ring of my Nikon 55-200 DX while it was set on AF. Im pretty sure I heard a noisy "clack" and now the aoutofocus wont work anymore; It doesnt even try to focus (you can hear a tiny noise but not a "focusing" noise)...
  7. T

    Lens Compatability for Nikon D3400

    I recently bought Nikon AF FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D Lens with Auto Focus. This is the second time that I searched if the lens would be compatable and it has not been. What am I missing? I just want to get a good 50mm lens for this camera.
  8. J

    Focus Not Locking in Viewfinder

    I have the Rebel T6s. I primarily shoot in P mode and have noticed that half pressing down on the shutter doesn’t lock the focus as all instructions have said it should. When I half press the shutter button it will focus on what’s in the center but then as I recompose the shot the camera will...
  9. Z

    Samsung Galaxy S7 camera focus color changed

    Dear Experts I used to have green color focus on my Samsung galaxy S7. Few days back while phone in my pocket I guess something got pressed and changed that to yellow color as per attached snapshot. How can I change that to the default one ? Thx
  10. M

    Lumix DMC-LX7 and am having trouble with the auto focus on macro.

    I have selected AFMacro on the side of the lens. Objects can not be brought into focus in macro - this used to work really well. Any suggestions?
  11. A

    I have a question about my Phone's camera

    hello there, I have Huawei g8(Rio-l01, updated to latest firmware). using my phones own camera app I can focus manually but whenever I install any third party camera app with some manual features(which my phone does not offer) I can't focus manually. instead, it says that your phone is not...
  12. O

    Canon 50mm stm version f1.8

    My 50mm stm version lens focus ring rotates continuously, focus change but the ring doesn't stop at maximum and minimum like other kit lens 18-55 whose focus ring stops at extreme left or right
  13. M

    I just bought the Coolpix P900 & confused about autofocus.

    I need advice on how to fix my shots. I stand 3-4' from flower/tree, zoom in a little, then go to focus and it teases by focusing on flower perfect for that auto focus split second then totally blurry for the shot...why? What am I doing wrong? And I am totally new at this.
  14. R

    Solved! Auto focus problem

    Mine is probably a user error problem. I am having problems getting the auto focus on Ai mode on my LUMIX DMC-SZ3 to focus in properly. I may well have changed something along the way, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. C

    looking for the close up lens

    Hello, I have a CCD camera with Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D. This setup at the working distance of 10cm gives me the FOV 30mm. But I need the FOV of 15 mm, and I cannot move the camera any closer to the object. Could you please tell me which lens or extension or a combination of both should I buy...
  16. B

    For this first week, I am going to be super nice and just give you the definitions of the classes. What I want you to focus o

    For this first week, I am going to be super nice and just give you the definitions of the classes. What I want you to focus on is the interactions between objects. From now on you are mega hella super required to turn in ONLY A ZIPPED DEBUGLESS PROJECT FOLDER. Failure to comply will result in...
  17. H

    Solved! How to Focus on One Thing & Make Background Blurry with Panasonic HC-VX981?

    hey i'm sorry if this is a dumb question but ive literally been working on this for days and reading/watching stuff and i cant figure it out. i have the camcorder Panasnic HC-VX981 and im trying to make it focus on only me & everything else blur out. ive set it to manual, and ive read online...
  18. J

    Toshiba 50L1350U HD TV In and Out of focus

    So my parents have had this tv for only 2 years and in the past 2 weeks it's been going, for the lack of better words, in and out of focus. Every couple of seconds everything on the screen will become blurry and then snap back into place. There are few small horizontal lines running on the top...
  19. iPaperKillz

    Nikon D3100 Lens Won't Focus

    Foreword: I am new to photography and cameras in general (seriously, like 1 week old). I have a Red Nikon D3100 which a family member gave to me because it wouldn't focus. I take a few photos with the Auto mode and they all come out blurry. I take off the lens and look through the glass at the...
  20. P

    out of focus

    I have an LED Pyle Projector that I can not get to focus a clear picture, I see a very out of focus image that I can not even read the titles on. please help
  21. G

    700D still sufficient?

    I'm gonna keep it short. My 1100D is getting too old, and I wanna get a new camera. I've got my eye on the 700D and 750D. I was wondering if the 700D is still going to be enough for my needs. I shoot mostly architecture, landscape and portraits every once in a while. The price of the 700D...
  22. B

    How to make the background blurry in my videos and have the camera focus just on me??

    You know in some Youtube videos Youtubers they have there backgrounds blurry and and focus(of the camera) is just on the Youtuber, not the background and i think it looks better and more professional in the video and more pleasing to the eye. And i really would like to have that in my videos...
  23. O

    Need Camera advice!

    I'm on a budget and a NOOB when it comes to cameras, I'm looking for a Manual Focus camera that is under $240 and works great for videos. I'm MOSTLY gonna use it For Videos, And mega pixels don't bother me (Hd displays can only view 2mp anyway) IT MUST BE MANUAL FOCUS.
  24. O

    Can a Bridge Cam Do depth of field?

    Yes or no, Can a Bridge Cam Do Depth of field and a Fixed Focus? or Should I focus more on a DSLR camera?
  25. Abhishek1025

    CANON 1100d doesn't click on some modes?

    I adjusted to manual focus , it doesnt click many a times . I'm an amateur , so kindly help. shud i reset my camera to default?
  26. C

    Headset with Great Mic Quality

    I am looking for a headset that put focus on mic quality first. Wondering if any exist. Don't worry about budget but if there a headset with good value for its price let me know. Headset I been looking closely: Astros A40 TR, Astros A40, Sennheiser G4ME Zero, Steelseries H Wireless, HyperX...
  27. G

    Camera won't focus and on the screen has a flashing E:61:00 it was working fine and turned it on and that was flashing.

    handycam won't focus and it has a flashing message E:61:00 on the screen
  28. M

    Milky way setting with 10-18 mm stm lens.

    How can i adjust my canon 600D with 10-18 STM lens to manual focus to infinity with good focus pint??
  29. J

    What webcam did I buy (also a focusing issue)

    I was at Goodwill earlier and I picked up a random webcam because it was cheap. Although it has no name brand on it, so my first assumption is its a nock-off, can someone confirm or deny this? I'll post sample pictures below. Also the focus is locked at 0.5" or so.
  30. Mike BD

    My latest Laptop Showdown

    Hello you all. I'm still with my doubts when it comes about which should I get from those: or...
  31. K

    Nikon S5200 Lens Error

    The lens extends then gives the error and retracts. Is there a way to fix myself? It's out of focus.
  32. S

    Crystal clear 2.1 system within $250-$300

    Setting up a comp atm, need a good 2.1 system. Would be looking at crystal clear sound a opposed to heavy floor rattling bass as I normally listen to trance which has a bigger focus on elements other than bass I have tried to do some research but it's a bit hard to find good information on...
  33. I

    How to be Information security officer

    Hi. I am a CS software eng. major. How can I be an info sec officer? what electives or courses I should focus on? Thanks
  34. E

    best auto focus camera for wildlife and macro?

    I've been doing quite well with the old canon power shot I had -- but I think I'm ready to step up in terms of image quality for enlargements. But I want auto focus just for speed and what I'm used to now. I also would LOVE a camera that would also record my interviews (up to 3 hours at a...
  35. A

    Exporting All-in-Focus JPGs from a Lytro Camera

    The Lytro camera is unique in that it allows users to capture more data than a traditional camera. What this does is allow for the refocusing of images after they are captured. After you have taken JPGs from a Lytro camera, you will want to export them in order to make changes or share them...
  36. A

    Correcting Back-Focus Issues on a Nikon D7000

    Some users of the Nikon D7000 digital SLR camera have experienced back-focusing problems. The camera’s lens tends to focus behind the main subject of a photo. The problem is easy to fix. Follow these steps to correct back-focus issues with your Nikon D7000: Step 1: Turn the camera on and hit...
  37. G

    How to Split Focus and Exposure in Camera+

    Camera+ is one of the popular photo apps in the App Store not only because of the quality of the pictures it produce, but also for some noteworthy features it has not found in other similar apps. Two of those features are the Focus and Exposure features which allows you to control how dark or...
  38. A

    Adjusting the Focus on Vuzix Glasses

    Vuzix Glasses is video eyewear technology that allows you to surf the web. After you’ve purchased the wrap glasses, you need to figure out how to adjust the focus so you can see your images clearly. Fortunately, Vuzix Glasses can be adjusted fairly easily by adjusting the focus for your...
  39. N

    MUCH G2 should i buy it???

    I want too get a new phone, but i also love to play games. So... i found this phone ( Much G2) from China. So i wanted to ask you guys here what do you think about it. Also they will release a new phone Much (Snail) W1 thats good too. But i want to focus on this one. What do you think. Please...
  40. L

    Digital / manual camera

    Want to buy top range camera for daughters birthday .... She wants a digital camera that still has manual focus but interchangeable lenses
  41. D

    speed of capture

    I have a Canon Rebel T3, it focus quickly but after pressing the capture button it takes quite a few seconds to actually capture the shot is this slow capture normal for this camera
  42. B

    Nikon 18-135 AF problem HELP!!

    Someone out there has fixed this problem themselves. Anyone? Motor works. Focuses continually but does not actually bring view into focus. It's the lens, not the camera. I want to fix it myself and am not interested in sending it in for repair. Please help! Thanks, Bill
  43. C

    how do you set the speakers/headphones to default source?

    i really need this fix. i cant listen to my music or focus on my writing. please help:(
  44. S

    Why do most laptops Focus -->More<-- on the CPU rather than Gpu?

    For example an Apple Macbook Pro, its got a good i7 but uses a shit GPU.
  45. N

    Mic Recording w/Specific Features

    Hello all! I'm looking for help finding an application that can do microphone recording with the following features: ■ Hotkey button to start/stop recording (recording can be started while recording program is not in focus) ■ Multiple Push to Talk buttons ■ Options to record JUST the mic or a...
  46. U

    my canon sd950 reads "card locked" even when the slide switch of not locked. Camera will not focus now. I've tried other sd ca

    camera says sd card locked no matter what card I use, none of which are locked
  47. B

    camera focus, photo crop, ISO

    how to crop the image in dslr camera
  48. Shpati

    Best Battery I can buy for my Samsung Focus S?

    This is the phone I have: My battery is really worn out. I used to get the "Battery Low" message, but now my phone will just completely shut off when it says 20% to 50% battery is left. Anyway, I want to buy the best battery for this phone...
  49. T

    Canon 600D camera wont focus

    I accidentally dropped my canon 600D camera, and now it wont focus -neither auto, nor manual, if I put my ear to it while focusing, I can hear a slight sound of it trying to focus. What could be the problem? Any ideas on how to fix it?