my canon sd950 reads "card locked" even when the slide switch of not locked. Camera will not focus now. I've tried other sd ca


Aug 27, 2013
I'm not familiar with your specific camera but, have you went into the settings under SD/Storage preferences to see if you could "Unmount" the SD card? Even though you may not have a SD card in the camera your camera may think that there is one already in the camera. Try to unmount the SD function with and without a SD card in the camera to see if you can manipulate the camera back on track. Then stick a new card that you know has no problems with it into the camera and see if the camera functions and operates correctly. If you are still not able to work it out you can always rent a card reader or even a camera if you need one for an event coming up. take a look here: Hope this Helps.

Lead AV Tech, AA Rental