Samsung Galaxy S7 camera focus color changed


Dec 24, 2005
Dear Experts
I used to have green color focus on my Samsung galaxy S7.
Few days back while phone in my pocket I guess something got pressed and changed that to yellow color as per attached snapshot.

How can I change that to the default one ?
Aha! I found it! You've enable "Tracking AF" in the settings. It's a function that'll try to keep a moving person or object in focus. It's one of the top option in the settings menu.
I have not seen a way to intentionally change that setting. However, it may be part of another setting.

What I mean is, like when you are using the front vs rear camera the color may change, or when you change modes the color may change. To remind you/show you that you are in the mode, etc.

Have you gone through and checked that nothing else was changed, or tried changing the options?


May 10, 2012
I haven't seen that yellow square on my GS7 either. I also guess it's possibly one of the bazillion "pro" settings you might have applied. There is a "reset all" option on the bottom of the camera settings menu, if you scroll all the way down. Maybe try that one to see if the default one comes back.
That said, mine is neither yellow or green, I have a round animated circle on my touch focus that supposedly indicated if it's focused or trying to find a focus point?