Help me to purchase a tablet

Aug 17, 2013
Budget=10,000 Rs.
1080p video play back,no compromise
Hardcore Gaming is not a concern(i would love to play asphalt 8 ,though)
Camera,not expecting a good quality one.

Also,for these recqiurementys which should i choose 2ghz processor +1 GB RAM
1.3 ghz processor+2 GB ram?


Nov 11, 2011
Your budget is about $157 US dollars and you want a tablet with the main purpose being watching videos... Correct?

The one tablet that fits within your budget that isn't too cheaply made is the:
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 7" version ($155.00 USD)

I'm not sure how much it would cost in India, though...

Another option would be to find a USED Nexus 7 Tablet (2nd Version). That one still has respectable specs... it's just that it has an awful speaker.. so you would need a speaker or headset to watch videos.

NOTE.. One thing you have to watch out for with used tablets is.. the battery is not replaceable by the user and most rechargeable batteries only last 1-2 years with average use. So if you bought a used tablet that's 2+ years old... you might have problems with it charging up in a few weeks/months, depending on how the previous owner used it.

Another great tablet that you might want to consider is a Dell Venue 8 (Android). I used to have that. It's solidly made and has great specs. Since Dell has come out with an upgraded/newer version of this tablet... the original Dell Venue 8 has dropped dramatically in price and you might be able to find a great deal within your budget for that tablet.

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