Help ! Need to splice 2 wire (R & B) USB from a Logitech headset to a 4 wire USB Cable


Aug 30, 2017
Need to spice (repair) Logitech headphone usb (which has 2 wires--red and black) to a "regular" ( ? ) usb cable that I have which looks to have Green, white, red, blue/white stripe, and some loose fiber wires. How can I splice 2 wire into 4 wire setup ?
The 4 wire USB cable also look like it has some strands about as thick as the other colors but not wrapped in a color, more "by themselves"
Post a picture of the "broken" Logitech, and your "regular" USB cable.

USB uses four wires - ground, +5VDS, +Data, -Data. And there's no "standard" in colors, so you have to measure which wire is which. Find a pinout for USB A cable connector, and figure them out.
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