Help needed with complex hook-up situation


Jul 27, 2011
I have a complicated situation, atleast for myself.......I'm going to be as specific as possible so that hopefully someone can PLEASE help me! haha :)

I own a Bose Lifestyle 28 Series 2 Home Entertainment System which includes the media center, Acoustimass module, 4 cube speaker arrays and 1 center front speaker ALONG WITH a Philips HTS3251B/F7 home cinema which includes 1 center, 2 front and 2 rear speakers and a subwoofer and the main Blu-ray unit. This may sound crazy, but I caught the Philips cinema on an AMAZING deal and the whole 5.1 system for cheaper than just a blu-ray player. intentions were to use the Philips blu-ray main unit as my "main hub" and hook up all 10 speakers considering I also own a Bose Lifestyle SA-2 Stereo Amplifier, Bose Link AL8 Homewide Wireless Audio Link and Bose SL2 Wireless Surround Link.

Well..........I have complicated things even further, because obviously blu-ray players have come a long way since this one and of course I have to have a "smart blu-ray." So I have a Samsung BD-D5300 Smart Blu-ray.

And I have AT&T Uverse as my cable provider, so I have a Uverse box.

Basically/ideally/in my head.... :??: I would like to use either the Philips or the Bose media center as my "main hub" and have all 10 speakers hooked up with help of the amp and wireless audio link and surround link if need be and have the Samsung Smart Blu-ray hooked up. That is my intentions.......AT BEST I would use the Bose media center therefor I could use the Philips in another room as a blu-ray player but the problem I forsee with that is stupid Philips has these lovely jacks on the back of their speaker wires.......

Now that I have written a novel, if anyone should dare to tackle this absolute mess I have created I would be FOREVER grateful!
Thanks ahead of time! :D
I would not try to mix these self contained systems together as there would probably be no good way to do it and not any advantage. Just having more speakers will not improve things especially since you don't have additional channels to feed them and the quality is pretty low on all of them. Use the Samsung BD with the Bose and move the Philips to the other room. Upgrade when you can from the Bose to a surround system with receiver and good speakers.


Oct 16, 2011
Do not plug more speakers into the amps than they are designed for.

As Bose and Samsung wireless technology is propitiatory there is no way to link them through the network.

Neither systems have a line out and to daisy chain them. Even if they did this would only give you 2 channels
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