Question Help needed with connecting my Sony HT-SD35 Soundbar

Jul 27, 2020

Ive bought a Sony Sound bar but have no idea how to connect it - can someone help me please?:rolleyes:


That soundbar also has an optical audio input so there are three options. The bluetooth in a soundbar is usually used to get music from you phone to it. Your TV has to have bluetooth and It won't be as reliable as a wired connection. There may also be a sync issue with the picture and sound.
Your TV has to have an HDMI-ARC port to use ARC and it usually has to be turned on in the TV menu. The advantage of using this connection is it may allow you to use only the TV remote to control both the TV and soundbar.
The optical audio connection will work just as well as the ARC connection but won't allow the TV remote to control the soundbar.
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