Help!!! Newbie received Bricked Galaxy Tab 4 7 "Tab back from Cousin!!!


Jul 21, 2014
Hi folks, Im sure I could probably do some research and find the answers to what I need to know unfortunately I dont even know what questions to ask, this is all still very much greek to me.

I loaned my Tab to my cousin and he returned it and the screen has the Android Logo and just continuously says Downloading Do Not turn off target!!

This is a Galaxy Tab 4 7" Model T230NU with a 32 Gb Micro Memory Card.

I am in a panic and know nothing about how to repair. I have dpone some poerrfunctory research but Odin and Flashing and Voiiding Warranty and its just all adding to my anxiety and thus my inability to focus and I do not want to lose my device. I dont know if there are time contraints on g=how long it can remain like this but I really need someone to help me. You will probably have to hold my hand through the process but if successful I am a generous and thankful person.... Help!!!
That's just the Download Mode screen. I don't think turning it off will have any effect if it's not connected to your computer and actively transferring data. A quick hard reset would be what I'd recommend. I believe you can do that by holding down the power button and the volume down button together on that model. That should cause the tablet to reboot.

A more drastic solution would be a factory reset, wiping all your data. That's very much a last resort though. Unless your cousin did something really weird and borked the whole thing, it shouldn't be necessary.
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