Budhaditya Bose

Jul 7, 2013
Hi Techies, I need help with something u will understand as topic follows ........

I am a 1st year student whose amazing galaxy Y was stolen away during HS Exams. The quality of COP system in India is very crappy. I told them the IMEI, which Network is the thief using, still they didn't even care. Now, I requested my parents to buy me a phone. I chose Galaxy S Duos as my budget was lastly 10,000 INR . I wanted Specs as a Good Flash 5MP Camera, Big Screen 4" which G S Duos have, Good Sound quality. Multi touch, and Capable of making music.(AS I AM A COMPOSER.). Ultra fast speed is not mandatory. Now When I went to the shop, they told me to buy Gionee G Pad 3 which just released 3 days ago, has a BIIIGG Screen with 5 MP Flash Cam, Android 4.1. , and a hell lot and costs same as S Duos. I got confused as hell and writing you. We all know that branded products usually make great build quality. As we know, in terms of food, local made means bad quality, re used black repcit oil, dirty shops etc. , In clothings, locals use contaminated cotton and I dont know what, but makes a big difference when worn. What makes bad in case of phones. How a Local made phone with greater specs give low costs? What are bad in those, There are many companies like Micromax, Amaze, Hitec, Intex .etc. But How and Why? That gionee G3 is giving 1.2 GHz 4 Core Cortex A7, 4.1 Android, 512 RAM, 5 MP Flash cam. But why so less in cost? Should I take this brand? Pls respnse wisely coz in a lower mid class family, a phone is a 1 time investment. So please help out. :D Thanks a lot in advance.........


Jun 27, 2012
They are able to offer that price because of Mediatek quad Core MT6589 processor that is dual sim. It is a very good processor IF you must have dual sim. The specifications are quite the norm for a mediatek device,nothing specifically stands out. It does look well built though,so nothing wrong with buying it,and it will be faster than the Samsung.