Nov 16, 2017
I am looking to upgrade my computer to make it HTC VIVE virtual reality compatible to where it runs great, not just so-so. I ran the VIVE hardware scan and it is showing me I need to upgrade my graphics card and processor.
Here is the exact computer setup I have,

This is not a budget build, I want quality and longevity but still don't want to go too crazy. From my research I am thinking a Nvidia 1070 graphics card (always liked Nvidia), the processor I am a bit lost on. I don't know what is or is not compatible with my pc or if it's all plug and play or not. I was told since I have a Amd processor I have to stick with Amd or upgrade my motherboard to run Intel, if this is true I will stick with Amd. I have also noticed theres 100 different versions of each gpu, kind of lost here as well.

I was also told I may or may not need to upgrade my power supply.

All help is appreciated.
Games we will be playing include Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR when it comes out, etc. Also non vr regular pc games.
Want a good build, just don't know what to purchase.

I just contacted Micro Center customer support and this is what they recommended. All feedback appreciated.

Unsure if they were trying to upsell or if this is truly what I need for a good vr setup. I wasn't expecting to have to upgrade the motherboard or ram. They said the Amd 8350 would bottleneck, and it would be ideal to get the 1600. However for the 1600 to work I would need the new motherboard/ram.
Does the above list look complete and compatible with my PC and look to be sufficient for VR?



The Ryzen 5 1600 is quite a lot better than your current FX-6300, or anything else you could upgrade to without replacing the motherboard. Worth it for VR, though the FX-6300 with an overclock would be just about usable.

As Calvin said, the DDR3 memory would not work in the new motherboard, you should be getting DDR4 instead. And with Ryzen, preferably rather fast DDR4, like 2800 or above.

It might also be worth considering an Oculus Rift instead of the HTC Vive. It is quite a lot cheaper for a very comparable experience. In addition, the Oculus Rift would also run better if you did decide to keep the FX-6300.