Help with re-installation of Oculus Software causing weird behaviour!

Killer Nads

Apr 30, 2013
Okay so i read how to move your current Oculus Software games collection to another drive, i followed these steps right to the end however it didn't work for me and i got some weird behaviour.

After i upgraded my pc including HDD, i went to install Oculus App again, changing the default games directory to the D: Drive. However, after this step where you choose the directory it then tells you where its going to install the oculus app which always defaults to C drive and you can't change it!

Anyway i follow on and install the app. I then copy the contents of Redestributables and Software folders from my backup into the new directory in D: drive.

I then open Oculus app and restart it.

All my games appear in the Not Installed library in the app. I then click on one to try and install and it starts to download the software again in the same D directory, doubling the size of the game!!!!

Very weird behaviour, any idea how to fix it? I also have the Oculus App directory tree structure in my C drive which is where the app was installed.
I solved this by having to redownload the latest install file for oculus software from the official website, and choosing repair installation. Seems to have fixed it.