Help with screen-WONT BOOT! Dell XPS 15


Oct 4, 2012
Hey everybody first off I want to apologize if I posted in the wrong area, I didn't see a tech support forum. Secondly, I love this website, it's amazing! :D

I really messed up my machine and I really need help figuring out the problem. Its probably an easy fix, but I'm not sure what to do.

I was re-applying the thermal paste on my laptop, (Dell XPS 15 L502X) this also isn't my first time doing this, but upon booting after reapplying the paste I get this!!

It also beeps 8 times, pauses, then repeats.

I cannot boot up or do anything at this point. I even went as far as disassembling it and doing the thermal paste over again. Someone had mentioned the display ribbon might be the culprit

but i rechecked it and its firmly in place. Maybe its defective?

Any help is appreciated, thanks a lot!