Help with sound Tweaking


Mar 21, 2010
Hello, hopefully I can find some Audiophiles here today!

So today I was scrimming with my friends and I noticed that they can hear a bit farther than me. Not sure, we have the same sound card but two completely different headsets. I do hear further away than most people, but I have the sound turned ALL THE WAY up. And I mean all the way.
In an attempt to increase the range I even plugged in my receiver with a 3.5mm split just to try and amplify my sound.

Anyways, so I was hoping I could get some help...

I'm using a SoundBlaster Z (

Audio Technology
Sound Core3D
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
Connectivity Options (Main)
Headphone: 1 x Amplified 3.5mm jack
Speaker Out: 3 x 3.5mm jacks (Front,Rear,C/Sub)
Line / Mic In: 1 x 3.5mm jack
Optical Out: 1 x TOSLINK
Optical In: 1 x TOSLINK
Max Channel Output
5.1 Channels
Audio Technologies
SBX Pro Studio, CrystalVoice, Scout Mode, Dolby Digital Technology, DTS Connect Encoding
Microphone Type: Dual-array Noise Canceling Condenser
Beamforming: Yes
Frequency Response: 100Hz to 20kHz
Sensitivity: -37dB

For my headset I'm using a Steel Series Siberia V2

Packaged Quantity 1
Color black, gold
Additional Features retractable microphone
Type headset

Headphones Form Factor Circumaural
Headphones Technology dynamic
Sound Output Mode stereo
Frequency Response 18 Hz
Sensitivity 112 dB
Impedance 32 Ohm
Diaphragm 2 in
In-Cord Volume Control Yes

Microphone Operation Mode mono
Sensitivity -38 dB
Response Bandwidth 50 Hz
Audio Input Details Uni-directional - 50 - 16000 Hz

Additional Features retractable microphone

And I'm using the Creative Sound Blaster Z control panel for software...

WHAT I NOTICE IN GAME (game America's Army Proving Grounds)

1. While shooting, I can no longer hear enemy footsteps coming from any direction.

2. I can't hear as far as a FEW other players.

3. My footsteps also trump all other sounds. I can't hear enemies footsteps 5 feet away if I'm running..

1. Do I need to upgrade my headset to take better advantage of my card in order to hear the distance others are getting?

2. What levels in my equalizer should I play with to lower the sound of the weapon being fired?

3. What levels in my equalizer should I play with to lower my footstep sounds and raise the sounds of others footsteps. (mine are really loud and bassy)

4. What can I do in the control panel to increase directional enemy positioning?



You said "So today I was scrimming with my friends and I noticed that they can hear a bit farther than me." in your post. If they don't have that game, now do you know they can hear farther? What are you comparing things to?


May 25, 2017
One headset can be more sensitive than another ... my wife and kids also game and everyone's headset is different (3 of us play AA). Get the same headset and you should hear the same. Also, from an electrical perspective, using a split for a plug (",,,plugged in my receiver with a 3.5mm split...") drops the amperage to each. ( Basically, by using the splitter, if you had the same headset as him, you would hear less than him because of the amplifier being a parallel load on the output.
And if I'm remember my electronics wrong, someone tell me! ... :)