HK AVR 154 Sound changes from channel to channel...


Dec 20, 2016
I have a HK AVR 154 connected to LG TV via composite video. The sound is inconsistent from channel to channel, or when it goes to a commercial. I made the mistake of resetting the H/K, since then the sound is all screwed up.


Jan 10, 2006
Question from muertopvb : "HK AVR 154 Sound changes from channel to channel..."

Composite video immeidately scream STEREO, your HK is a surround receiver. Surround receiver, when dealing with stereo signal, attempt to FAKE surround with a 2 channels signal. The receiver will have a list of "modes" to accomplish this, some of it you may like and some of it you may not, you need to try out on your own see which is more pleasant to you.

What am saying is, nothing broken, this is normal, unfortunately it throws the choices to your court.
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