Hooking up home system UPDATED


Dec 29, 2013
How do I connect HD sat box, 3d tv, rec/play DVD, sound player and blu-ray player?
Sat box: GM Triplex Spark
TV: Sony Kdl47w805abu
Sound Bar: Orbitsound M9
DVD Recorder: Sony RDR-HXD870
Blu-ray: Sony Bdps5100.cek
In particular I need the DVD recorder to record (obviously) but I know that if connected incorrectly this facility is 'greyed' out.
with wires.

sarcasm aside... you need to give us brand & model numbers (links would be splendid) so we know what you have and what connections are available.

normally i'd say hdmi... but again... dont know what you have
1. Connect Sat box, Bluray, & DVD recorder to TV with HDMI for video playback
2. Connect soundbar to TV optical audio output with Toslink audio cable
3. You won't be able to record from Bluray (no output other than HDMI)
so connect the analog audio & composite video output from the rear of the sat box to the inputs
on the front of the recorder. Not sure if these will remain active when the HDMI is plugged. Try it.
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