Hooking up home theatre speakers to PC


Mar 30, 2014
I have Samsung HT-THX25 Home Theatre system that has 5.1 speaker system and all speakers are 100w 3Ω including the subwoofer. The trick is that the unit itself has only stereo input so it just casts that stereo sound on 6 channels. I'd like to use my speakers full potential so I need an amp that can do just that. I'm on a pretty tight budget so can you recommend me the cheapest amp (or whatever device I need, not really the audio guy) that supports theese speakers. I'm using them on a pc and they're hooked up with 3.5mm jack, I heared that to transfer 6 channel sound I need at least HDMI cable so if you can help me with that too I'd apappreciate it :)
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