How can i connect dvd player with pc to listen to surround system in the office


Nov 1, 2017
In our office i brought my old surround system form my home and we want to get 5.1 sound from all 5 speakers + sub. At the moment we only get sound from front left and right with the sub. My dvd player has AUX (red and white), hdmi port and optical port. We tried aux but it onlly got 3 speakers to work. Later we went and bought a hdmi cable with mini hdmi to go in pc and its still not working can someone hlep us ?

Math Geek

Oct 15, 2014
what is the audio source?

5.1 is something that needs a 5.1 source. just plugging in an hdmi does not change the audio source to surround sound all of a sudden.

so need to know what the audio source you are trying to play is, so can figure out how to get it to spread to all speakers if possible.
We can't guess the make and model of your surround sound system or DVD but if you connect a stereo source then you will need to select a surround mode such as Dolby Prologic music or 5.1 multichannel to get sound from all the speakers.
To get audio from a PC via HDMI you would have to select HDMI as your audio device in the audio control panel of the PC. You could use the green audio output of the PC in the same way as you would the analog stereo output of the DVD.
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