How can I connect my laptop the LCD (Watching Movie) ?


Nov 24, 2010
Hello folks. well I'm gonna explain the problem that's been bothering me for a long time. I've got myself a laptop which doesn't have HDMI port. what I wanna do is watching movies, by play the movie on the laptop and watch it on LCD. I don't have any problem about transferring the picture to the LCD. I use a VGA cable and I got the picture so good. my problem is the sound/audio of the movie. I can't find a way to transfer the sound to the LCD. I want to hear the sound from the TV not the laptop. I want to control the sound on the TV with the remote control and I want to hear it from the TV. so I bought some audio cables but they didn't work. and now after more than a year the problem is still bothering me. I've got some pictures of my stuffs. first one is the back of my TV, you can check all the ports of the LCD :

second picture is the in/out ports on my laptop :

and here is the cable that I bought to transfer the sound but it didn't work. I thought maybe the cable is damaged so I bought another one,which looks the same, but that didn't help me :

so I really appreciate if you give me a solution.
many many thanks in advance


Apr 21, 2010
Likely, the TV is not getting sound from the same source. When you select the signal source on the TV, the PC input can be selected separately from the AUX input(s). When you plug in the VGA cable and select the PC input on the TV, you are de-selecting the AUX source that would give you the sound.
You will need a cable that feeds the sound into that little PC/DVI audio IN plug on the TV. The cable should look the same at both ends, like the end that plugs in to laptop' headphone jack.
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