How can i fix this problem

charmell shaw

Jan 28, 2012
everytime i want to take a picture the internal memory is full message shows on my camera screen and there is only six or seven pictures on the memory card why is this happening when there is still a lot of memory left on this card there is a procedure a representative told me on the phone and what he said worked i just forgot to write down the step by step instructions and how long do i have to wait i tried calling customer service but the office is called my number is 212 755 0086 thank you for your time
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Since you have only 6 or 7 pictures on this memory card, try saving them to the hard disk in the PC (or laptop).

Then do a format on the memory card. This will restore it back to full capacity.
(If you have a card reader, you can do the formatting of the memory card on the computer).