How Can I Make DVD Sound Play Through Speakers (Receiver) Instead of TV?


May 19, 2016
This is the current set-up:

Trying to set up an entertainment system, but the DVD player will not play sound through the receiver and only plays through the TV speakers.

Anyone know what's wrong with this set-up?

TV (Samsung series 5 5202)
Cable Box
BluRay DVD (Samsung BD-P3600)
Receiver (Samsung HT-A57305)

TV HDMI 1 goes to cable box
TV HDMI 2 goes to BluRay DVD player
The BluRay is hooked to the receiver with composite cables; however, attached to the DVD side is red/white/yellow, but the speaker side is only red/white (yellow is unattached)
The Cable Box is hooked to the receiver with an optical cable

What's wrong with this? Should the receiver be wired to be the "boss" and use its HDMI ports to control everything else? Or does the BluRay DVD player just need an optical cable to go to the receiver (or TV)?

At a loss. The last two technicians to visit have not been able to solve this.