How can I recover photos from my SDHC card if It has a virus.


Jul 18, 2013

I am currently travelling and had to use an Internet cafe to upload some pictures to Facebook as my ipad2 is at capacity. It appears that I have gotten some kind of virus from the machine I used! I put the card in my camera afterwards and it said memory card error and now I can't access any of my photos on the card on a computer either. I went to Machu Picchu yesterday and I don't have any of the photos anywhere else so I am gutted and have a girlfriend in tears! Please help!
It's probably not a virus but something on that computer could have caused issues with the card. Is the card readable on the computer and comes up as a drive letter? What happens when you try to open it? Try using photrec it's free and if the data is on the card you have a chance of getting it back.